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Faith's Children

Sunday School: During the school year (Sept. - May) Faith Lutheran Church offers a special children's learning hour every Sunday. Children in grades K - 5th can learn about Jesus, Bible History, and Biblical teachings. Your child will have fun while leaning about the Bible. If you are visiting feel free to let you children participate in Fatih's Sunday School. Please call for specific times.

Vacation Bible School: Every Summer Faith Lutheran Church holds a week-long day camp for children grades k- 5. This fun filled week is full of crafts, singing, and of course learning about Jesus and the Bible. At the end of the camp the children get to sing some of the songs they learned during the Sunday service. For more information call or email pastor Londgren.

Confirmation Class:Youth above the 6th grade get the oportunity more deeply study Biblical teachings and doctrines. This weekly class covers Bible History, and Biblical doctrins such as The Lord's Supper, Baptism, Keys, Law and Gospel, Absolution, Ministry, Confession, The Church, and other doctrines that Faith Lutheran Church believes and confesses.
Youth in Confirmation Class will also discuss tough moral issues such as evolution, homosexuality, divorce, abortion, the role of Christains toward the government, and other issues. Youth are encourage to ask questions and discuss the issues they face. After completing the multi-year course they are invited to formally join the church and participate in the Lord's Supper.

Faith's Children's program

Chrildren's Christmas Program: Every year before Christmas the youth of Faith Lutheran Church get the privilege of sharing the Christmas story with the congregation. On this special night the children sing Christmas hymns and retell how Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

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